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(40 personas) 

Combo 1 

Bistek Salteado, Pollo guisado, arroz amarillo con guandules,  salteado mixto  vegetales, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-536d5cf5cf_ ensalada con aguacates_huerta y plátanos dulces.

Combo 2

Cerdo asado (permil), pollo al horno, arroz amarillo con frijoles pintos, colifor y zanahoria, empanadas de res y maduros al horno



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Option 2

PROTEIN (Choose 2)


pollo asado (roasted chicken)

pollo frito (fried chicken)

Pechuga salteada (chicken breast sautéed with onions, peppers and potatoes)

Pechuga jardinera (chicken breast with sautéed veggies)

Pernil  roasted (pork shoulder )

Bistek salteado (steak tips sautéed with onion, peppers, and potatoes)

Bistec ensebollado (steak & onions)

Res guisada (steak tips in sauce)


Served with sides;

(Choose 1)

Moro -Yellow rice with guandules

vegetable yellow rice

Beans and white rice

Moro -Black beans and rice 


(Choose 2)

Sweet plantains 

Boiled yuca with onions

Fried yuca

Mini chicken or beef  empanadas 

Mixed vegetable platter

Garden salad 

Potato salad 

Pico de gallo

17.49  per person

(50 People Minimum)

The pricing shown on our menu are subject to change without notice.  Due to current market conditions, all menus are priced individually according to commodity prices.  To ensure availability, please place your order 72 hours in advance 

(12 people Min) 


Rice, beans served with veggies and sweet plantains with your choice;


Pollo guisado 

Roast pork 

Baked chicken 

Bistec salteado 

Bistec ranchero 

Res guisada 




Choice of quesadilla, burrito or tacos (3) 

chicken/steak /ground beef, carnitas  or veggie with rice and beans or French fries


$12.99 (  +$1 soft drink) per person


Individual  Boxed Lunches 

Catering  Formulario de pedido

362 Union St, Manchester, NH 03103   /  Tel. 603-622-2256

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